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When this mistress is unhappy, she gives nasty little treats. This mistress knows her slave isn't paying attention to her so she puts on her favorite boots and goes walking. When she comes back home, she decides to give her slave a treat. She tells her to lick the grime and dirt off her boots and suck the high heel. She knows she has stepped in questionable stuff but she doesn't care. She wants her slaves attention by any means necessary.

Malika and Dizzy are smooching passionately on the sofa. Then they finger themselves all over with their hot blue jeans on. The two beauties are topless and showing off their nice perky breasts as they fool around with each other passionately on the couch. They are rubbing their hot jeans pussies against each other and after their heavy jeans orgasm they are both exhausted as they lie on the couch.

The two hot jeans girls Jalace and Nikky Make love to each other in the black office chair and on the desk as they rub their tight jeans together. The redhead Jalace is in her pretty pink jeans and Nikky is in her smoking hot blue jeans as they rub each others bodies passionately against each other and kiss each other over their hot jeans pussies on the furniture.

Sexy blonde and brunette, Rianna and Summer are two lesbian lovers dressed in their tight blue jeans on the mat. They passionately kiss each other and rub their hot jeans all over each other. They caress their jeans asses and kiss each other again and again and rub their jeans asses together so hard they could almost start a fire. The two girls get each others pussies nice and wet.

Pretty lesbians Liona and Nikky pose sexy by the grey sports car as they touch each others jeans asses by the car. The hot brunette and redhead fool around by the car bending over and grabbing and touching each others tight jeans asses. Lionas tongue moves over to her friends jeans pussy before both get into the car and give you a great view of their hot jeans asses.

The mature jeans ladies Foxy and Helen love to have a good time as they are dressed in their tight jeans and 70's style shirts. The pretty blonde and brown haired beauty play with each other and lick each others pussies getting each other off in the room. They are rubbing and licking their jeans pussies. Wouldnt you like to join the fun when they are grabbing each others hot jeans asses?

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