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Mila and Gretta wanted to find out just how much fun they would have with their jeans on. They dry humped and caressed through the jeans and were surprised at how great it was

Limonika and Candy like bondage and they do it to each other in turns. They like bossing each other and making the other person get tortured or forced

Lui and Nikky are new to lesbians and cannot get enough of it. They wonder why they had been wasting time with dick all that while

These lesbians did not want to have nude sex. So they opted to do it with their clothes on and it was an awesome experience for the two of them

Genya and Veronika had abstained for a few weeks to build their sexual tension and when it was at its peak, they ravaged each other's pussy and had awesome sex

Gretta and Kira wanted to become famous. So they made a lesbian sex tape and leaked it to get attention and fame

Gina and Liona both belong to other people but they had always felt some chemistry. They were both free and their partners were not around so they did not waste time getting to quench their thirst for each other

This mistress and her lover were having sex when they decided to make it hardcore. Foxy turned on her girlfriend and pinned her down and made her lick her and drink her pussy juices

These mistresses had a disagreement and a short scuffle which turned them horny and they soon forgot their differences and started undressing each other and wanted to screw each other real bad

Maisy and Veronika are horny after watching porn. They decided to try what they saw and their candy came in handy as they turned it into dildos

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