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Limonika and Candy like bondage and they do it to each other in turns. They like bossing each other and making the other person get tortured or forced

Lui and Nikky are new to lesbians and cannot get enough of it. They wonder why they had been wasting time with dick all that while

They have a spitting fetish and they spit on each other before licking the saliva off each other. This made the hornier and they finished off in style

These lesbians did not want to have nude sex. So they opted to do it with their clothes on and it was an awesome experience for the two of them

Candy owed Limonika a favour and she wanted it in form of hot lesbian sex. Candy had no choice and since Limonika knew exactly what she wanted, they had a great time licking each other

Miranda had paid Nika to have sex with her, and they had the most amazing time - more than they had expected. It was so great that Nika gave the money back

Genya and Veronika had abstained for a few weeks to build their sexual tension and when it was at its peak, they ravaged each other's pussy and had awesome sex

Gina and Any met each other online and when they met for the first time in person, they did not even finish greetings. They were already on top of each other

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